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Verification Process


Technology Verification

The Energy and Environmental Technology Verification (EETV) Act at N.J.S.A. 13:1D-134 et seq., establishes the guidelines for a verification and certification process to approve the use of innovative energy and environmental technologies that benefit the environment and economy of New Jersey. The New Jersey Legislature found that, in establishing the technology verification and certification program, it is in the public’s interest to encourage the commercial development and use of new technology-based environmental and energy related products, services and systems that abate and prevent environmental pollution and promote energy conservation in the most cost-effective and environmentally efficient manner in the State.



Although innovative environmental and energy technologies often consume fewer natural resources than traditional methods, they encounter numerous technical, financial and regulatory impediments. Over the years, NJCAT has broken down many of the barriers, but there are still daunting challenges facing innovative technologies.

Stormwater Treatment Systems

Stormwater Management Technologies in particular are difficult to evaluate. Pollutant removal performance depends upon many factors, e.g., influent particulate size distribution, influent pollutant concentration (loading), stormwater flow rate, sump design and capacity, and maintenance. NJCAT’s extensive involvement and activities over the past decade in identifying and evaluating a number of pre-manufactured stormwater treatment devices has created the knowledge and experience base necessary to effectively and confidently assess anticipated sediment removal performance.

The New Jersey Stormwater rules (35 N.J.R. 154) clearly establish that manufactured stormwater treatment devices may be used to meet the regulatory requirements provided the pollutant removal rates are verified by NJCAT and certified by NJDEP.

New Jersey Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards (GEEA) 2022

NJCAT is delighted to join The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and The New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust as a co-sponsor of the 2022 Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards program. NJCAT is pleased to to be a co-sponsor for the 23rd consecutive year and has been a part of this program since its inception.






NJCAT was created to promote in New Jersey the retention and growth of technology-based businesses in emerging fields such as environmental and energy. NJCAT provides innovators with the regulatory, commercial, and technological assistance required to bring their ideas to market successfully. Specifically, NJCAT functions to:

* advance policy strategies and regulatory mechanisms to promote technology commercialization,

* identify, evaluate, and recommend specific technologies for which the regulatory and commercialization process should be facilitated,

* establish relationships/alliances to bring new technologies to market and new business to the state, and

* assist in the identification of markets and applications for commercialized technologies.

Operating as a public private partnership is the cornerstone of the NJCAT programs; in this manner, the commercial marketplace has direct input to the technology development and commercialization process and the public sector gains confidence in technology solutions through reliance on an independent honest broker examination of technology performance. 
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