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Stormwater Technologies: Laboratory Verified and NJDEP Certified  
These MTD (Manufactured Treatment Device) stormwater technologies have been tested to NJDEP published testing protocols and their performance verified by NJCAT and certified by NJDEP. Therefore, these MTDs are approved and accepted for use in NJ to meet current NJDEP stormwater rules. The NJDEP laboratory testing protocols for Hydrodynamic Sedimentation MTDs (January 1, 2021) and Filtration MTDs (January 14, 2022) were both revised to strengthen the 2013 protocols and capture lessons learned from protocol implementation. A major change in the program was to require all Hydrodynamic Sedimentation MTDs to be retested within 5 years of prior certification to demonstrate compliance with the mass capture sediment testing requirement in the 2021 protocol, since it was decided that this approach yields a more accurate comparison of MTD performance. These technologies with their respective certification expiration dates are listed at www.njstormwater.org. The 2022 Filtration MTD protocol primarily captured interpretations to the 2013 Filtration protocol that were already integrated into the performance testing program, and therefore, NJDEP decided not to require retesting of already certified Filtration MTDs since the verified performance would not be appreciably changed. There are three categories of NJDEP certified stormwater technology MTDs as shown.
    Green Infrastructure (GI) MTDs  
GI MTDs are required to (1) infiltrate into the subsoil; and/or (2) treat stormwater runoff through filtration by vegetation or soil. NJDEP makes the GI determination following receipt of the NJCAT verification report.
Company Product Verification Date Link to Report
Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. EcoPure BioFilter June 2020 Download
Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. EcoStream Biofiltration System May 2023 Download
AquaShield Aqua-Ponic Stormwater Biofiltration System November 2020 Download
Bio Clean Environmental Services Inc. Modular Wetlands Linear Stormwater Treatment Device May 2022 Download
Contech Engineered Solutions Filterra High Capacity Bioretention System January 2021 Download
Contech Engineered Solutions LLC Modular Wetlands 360 Biofiltration Stormwater Treatment Devi February 2024 Download
CONTECH Stormwater Solutions. Filterra Bioretention System May 2014 Download
Convergent Water Technologies FocalPoint High Performance Modular Biofiltration System November 2021 Download
Hydro International StormScape Filter June 2020 Download
Hydro International StormScape High Capacity Biofilter November 2023 Download
Jensen Water Resources StormVault BioFiltration (SVBF) with Sierra Blend May 2020 Download
Oldcastle Infrastructure BioPod Biofilter with StormMix Media May 2018, Updated December 2018 Download
    Hydrodynamic Separator (HDS) MTDs  
HDS MTDs treat stormwater by enhancing particulate sedimentation.
Company Product Verification Date Link to Report
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. Barracuda MAX Hydrodynamic Separator April 2021 Download
AquaShield Inc. Aqua-Swirl XCelerator Stormwater Treatment System June 2019 Download
Bio Clean Environmental Services Inc. SciCloneX Hydrodynamic Separator May 2021 Download
BioMicrobics Inc. BioSTORM Stormwater Treatment System November 2023 Download
Contech Engineered Solutions Cascade Separator September 2019 Download
Hydro International DryScreen Next Generation Baffle Box June 2024 Download
Hydro International First Defense Optimum Vortex Separator July 2021 Download
Hydroworks, LLC HydroDome Stormwater Separator May 2021 Download
S&M Precast, Inc. Ocean Guardian Stormwater Treatment Device May 2020 Download
StormTrap LLC StormSettler HydroDynamic Separator December 2022 Download
Upstream Technologies SAFL Baffle October 2023 Download
Xerxes HydroChain Prime Separator August 2023 Download
    Filtration MTDs  
Filtration MTDs treat stormwater by filtering particulates thru a media, membrane, or fabric filter.
Company Product Verification Date Link to Report
AquaShield Inc Aqua-Filter Stormwater Filtration System with Perlite Media June 2018 Download
AquaShield Inc AquaFilter Stormwater Filtration System Model AF-3.48 Round March 2017, revised June 2018 Download
BaySaver Technologies, LLC BayFilter Enhanced Media Cartridge December 2017 Download
Bio Clean Environmental Services High Capacity Kraken Filter October 2022 Download
Bio Clean Environmental Services Kraken Membrane Filtration System April 2016 Download
Contech Engineered Solutions LLC Stormwater Management StormFilter with Perlite Media November 2016 Download
Hydro International Up-Flo Filter 285R (Ribbon Membrane) December 2016 Download
Hydro International Up-Flo Filter EMC January 2020 Download
Hydro international Inc. Up-Flo Filter 450R (Ribbon Membrane) June 2018 Download
Hydroworks, LLC HydroFilter December 2020 Download
Lane Enterprises Inc. StormKleener Filter Cartridge System May 2018 Download
Oldcastle Infrastructure Oldcastle PerkFilter System with High Flow Media April 2022 Download
Oldcastle Infrastructure Oldcastle PerkFilter System with ZPC Media May 2017 Download
Xerxes HydroChain Vortex Filter (HCVF) Systems February 2022 Download
Stormwater Technologies: Laboratory Verified  
Eight (8) HDS MTDs were tested to modifications of the 2013 NJDEP protocols, e.g., a coarser PSD (6), or used effluent grab sampling to assess PSD removal efficiency within various PSD ranges (2). All eight HDS MTDs desiring continued NJCAT verification will require testing to the 2021 HDS protocol during 2023-2024. Five (5) MTDs are special applications of sediment filtering but are not considered by NJDEP as candidates for certification, e.g., BioFilter, MLS Inlet Filter, Isolator Row PLUS.
Company Product Verification Date Link to Report
AbTech Industries Ultra-Urban Filter April 2020 Download
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. EcoPure BioFilter 3-Cell April 2021 Download
Bio Clean Environmental Services Multi-Level Screening (MLS) Filter November 2018 Download
Bio Clean Environmental Services Inc. SciCloneX Hydrodynamic Separator d50 110 Micron Sediment October 2021 Download
Contech Engineered Solutions Cascade Separator - RE of d50 110 um Sediment November 2019 Download
Ferguson Waterworks R-Tank Stormwater Storage System Treatment Row November 2023 Download
Lane Enterprises Inc. StormKeeper Chamber Sediment Strip May 2017 Download
Rotondo Environmental Solutions StormGarden Bio-Filter Treatment System July 2024 Download
StormTech LLC Isolator Row PLUS July 2020 Download
StormTrap LLC StormSettler Hydrodynamic Separator Coarse Sediment March 2023 Download
StormTrap LLC StormTrap SiteSaver Hydrodynamic Separator- Large PSD August 2019 Download
Xerxes HydroChain Main Header Row September 2023 Download
Stormwater Technologies: For Public Review  
The verification/certification process requires that all NJCAT MTD verification reports seeking NJDEP certification be subjected to a public review process, and all comments be resolved prior to finalization of the reports. Technologies listed below are currently undergoing public comment. When all public comments have been addressed and resolved, the technology will be verified by NJCAT and sent to NJDEP for certification.
Company Product Public Comment Period Opens Public Comment Period Closes Link to Report
Hydro International Hydro-Shield Advance Plus May 21, 2024 June 19, 2024 Download
Additional Energy and Environmental Technologies  
In accordance with the EETV Act and the respective NJDEP regulations, NJCAT has been asked to verify the performance of several non-stormwater technologies seeking approval for regulatory use in New Jersey. The protocols used for verifying the performance of such technologies are developed through a collaborative process with NJDEP and the respective applicants. NJCAT verifies performance and NJDEP issues a letter granting regulatory acceptance. The technologies that have been approved through this process are as follows:
    Small-Scale Co-Generation Technologies  
Company Product Verification Date Link to Report
Aegis Energy Services Inc. AEGEN TP-75 CHP Module February 2014 Download
Capstone Turbine Corp. Capstone Microturbine January 2010 Download
Tecogen Inc. CM-75 Cogeneration Module October 2011 Download
    Analytical Methods  
Company Product Verification Date Link to Report
Xenobiotic Detection Systems Calux July 2009 Download
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